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How can martial art be love?

Written by Sam Nuesch 

If you would watch a class of Aikido with the KaosPilots you would see a bunch of freaks rolling and crawling on the ground, then doing some breathing – into the belly, the chest and reverse, active, passive to maybe spend some time rolling over each other after having been pushed around.

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What should this be good for?
Doing some sports doesn’t seem to be a bad idea – but why Aikido though?

Ultimately Aikido is love” – this is what Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei, the founder of Aikido insisted on. But how can martial art be love?

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Here’s a perspective: take some time to reflect your experience. How do you feel when you feel love – when you love life, love you just being, love what you sense, see and hear, love the people, the beings and everything else around you? Would you agree that it’s a kind of harmony, a deep relaxation and connectedness?

This is where this path is pointing to. This is the practice in the dojo. We aim to relax and breathe in “stressful” situations, under “attack”, in confusion to calm down and center, keep your balance and move with what is. And still we keep our intention – on love. We are going for unity with what we usually call our adversary, be it a person, a situation or a feeling – like pain.

That’s how it comes that every KaosPilot smiles hearing the legendary Dragisa reminding us again: “Enjoy the pain!”
And we know, the dojo is not just that physical space with some mats on the ground. The dojo is our life! KaosPilots practice love.
Can you see now parallels being a project leader/changemaker/entrepreneur and practcing Aikido?